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Overview of Casablanca Tours:

Casablanca Tours, the longest trips we offer, begin from Casablanca, Morocco’s commercial center and largest city. Casablanca, or the White House, is located in the western part of the country and has become a beautiful tourist destination with a lot of tourist attractions and a deep history due to being a destination to many colonizations such as Spain, France, and Portugal…. When visiting Casablanca, you should not miss a visit to Hassan Mosque, which has a fantastic position near the sea and is regarded Africa’ second largest mosque, as well as the old Medina Casablanca, which is 100% tourist.
At the very least, you should spend some time there. Corniche Casablanca, a beautiful location near Casablanca beaches popular for surfing and other activities… as well as nightclubs. If you are interested in capturing beautiful photos, join us on one of our Casablanca tours, where you will be taken by our trained tour guides to the most intriguing locations. don’t hesitate to check our Casablanca Tours below.

6 Days Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

6 Days & 5 Nights

7 Days Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

Duration: 7 Days & 6 Nights

8 Days Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

Duration: 8 Days & 7 Nights

15 Days Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

Duration: 15 Days & 14 Nights

10 Days Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

Duration: 10 Days & 9 Night

13 Days Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

Duration: 13  Days & 12 Night

2 Days Tour from Marrakech to Merzouga

Duration: 2 Days & 1 Night

6 Days Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

Duration: 6 Days & 5 Nights

Marrakech tours highlights overview:


Casablanca, is one of Morocco’s tourist destinations that offers various tourist attractions including Hassan II Mosque; is famous for its size and splendor. It is one of the world’s biggest mosques. The mosque’s design incorporates traditional Moroccan and Islamic  features as well as contemporary techniques and materials. Intricate tilework and carved, the most is well known for its astonishing archeticture and its fantastic Moroccan Zelij. Furthermore, Hassan II mosque, is one of the Mosques which are open to non-muslims to get to know about the unique Moroccan architecture.

Casablanca is Morocco’s economic center. It is home to the country’s main port, the Port of Casablanca, which serves as an important international commercial centre. Moreover, The city is also home to a large number of national and global corporations, making it an important business destination in North Africa.Casablanca is well-known for its contemporary architecture and cosmopolitan environment. The cityscape is a mix of styles, with French colonial buildings, Art Deco structures, and modern high-rises. Skyscrapers such as the Twin Center, Moreover, Casablanca has a thriving culinary scene that combines traditional Moroccan cuisine with foreign cuisines. Seafood, tagines, couscous, and street cuisine are popular in the city. Visitors may choose from a wide range of dining alternatives, including luxury restaurants, local cafes, and food vendors. Casablanca is famous for its fascianting old Medina, that shows parts of the old Moroccan architecture, This gives the chance to visitors to explore the old Moroccan lifestyle. Futhermore, Casablanca offers a variety of shooping opportunities to its visitors, from busy traditional Moroccan souks to big modern malls in the city.



Agadir :

Book one of our Agadir tours to enjoy the best out of your time in Morocco; The city of Agadir is situated on the coast of the Atlantic in southwest Morocco. It is one of the top destinations for travelers  and the capital of the Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane region. Agadir is well – known for its fantastic locations that gives the chance to visitors to enjoy the best of their time in its extraordinary resort and Sand beaches. Moreover, Agadir is also famous for its pleasant temperature, and thriving tourist attractions. It brings a large number of tourists, both local and foreign, who come to take advantage of its beachfront resorts, water sports, and other leisure things.

This fascinating city has some of the best beaches in the country. Agadir Beach, Taghazout Beach, and Tamraght Beach are just a few of the city’s many beautiful beaches. Sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and other water sports are common on these beaches. besides that, Agadir is known for its traditional markets  like Souk El Had, Agadir’s biggest market, is a hive of activity where residents and visitors may discover a broad variety of goods, including traditional Moroccan crafts, spices, apparel, and fresh fruit. Due to its ideal location, Agadir offers day trips  From Agadir, which allows you to visit the Atlas Mountains, Paradise Valley, and the historic city of Taroudant, among other local sights. These locations provide chances for trekking, outdoor adventures, and exposure to Moroccan culture and are conveniently reachable from Agadir. Generally, Agadir is a bustling city with a laid-back beach vibe and modern conveniences. Travelers seeking sun, sea, and Moroccan friendliness frequently choose it as a vacation because of its stunning coastline, pleasant temperature, and cultural attractions.


Taroudant” The little Marrakech” :

Taroudant is a Moroccan city situated in the Souss-Massa region, about 75 kilometers east of Agadir. It is known as “Little Marrakech” because of its similarities to the bustling city of Marrakech in terms of red-colored walls and traditional architecture. Taroudant sits in the lush Souss Valley, which is surrounded by the High Atlas Mountains. It is conveniently located on the route between Agadir and Ouarzazate, making it a popular stop for those touring the region.  This fascianting city has a variety of tourist  attractions that attracts many of its visitors. Taroudant’s finest old Medina, is a great place to immerse in the unique Moroccan culture. Also, Taroudant is renowned for its loocal Saffron, which mostly exist in the area.  Futhermore, Taroudant is well-known for its bustling souks and marketplaces. Place Assarag, the center plaza, is a vibrant hub where residents meet to purchase and sell things like as handicrafts, spices, textiles, and fresh fruit. The souks provide a genuine Moroccan shopping experience.

Taroudant is well-known for its talented artisans who create sophisticated handicrafts like as leatherwork, ceramics, woodwork, and jewelry. Visitors may visit shops and boutiques to see the artistry firsthand and purchase one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Furthermore,  Taroudant offer outstanding riads, accommodations ranging from Standard, Luxury hotels. Compared to other Moroccan cities, Taroudant provides quite tranquil and laid-back vibe. Its well-preserved medina, historic kasbahs , and lively souks make it an alluring location for tourists seeking to experience Moroccan culture and take in the splendor of the surroundings.



Marrakech ” the red city” :

Marrakech is known for its lively surroundings and is one of Africa’s busiest cities. The medieval walled city, filled with traders and vendors, contributes to the bustling atmosphere. Notably, Marrakech’s ancient medina has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, acknowledging its historical and cultural importance. Among its many features, the famous plaza of Jemaa el-fnaa is a must-see for travelers. Traditional souks, well-preserved city walls and gates, beautiful gardens like Majorelle garden, fascinating palaces and Riads like Bahia and El Badi palaces, significant mosques like Koutoubia mosque, historical tombs like the Saadian tombs, a Jewish quarter referred to as Mellah, and fascinating museums like Dar Si Said museum are all the finest attractions that the city has to offer.

The city is a cultural, civilizational, and historical melting pot. It has grown into an important trading center as well as a popular tourist attraction. Marrakech is well-known for its vibrant culture and busy streets. The old medina, or fortified city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides insight into the city’s historic history. Dejamaa Lfna sequare, is an interesting destination for many visitors as it offers a variety of activities including ( snake charmers, musicians, magicians, storytellers and many more ).


High Atlas Mountains :

The High Atlas Mountains are a North African range of mountains that runs across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. In Morocco, the High Atlas Mountains are the most picturesque and well-known segment of the range. These mountains act as a natural barrier between the Atlantic coast and the Sahara Desert, giving a beautiful landscape of rocky peaks, deep valleys, and ancient Berber villages. The High Atlas Mountains stretch approximately 700 kilometers (430 miles) from the coast of the Atlantic in the west to the city of Ouarzazate in the east. Mount Toubkal, the tallest summit in North Africa, reaches 4,167 meters and is located within the High Atlas range.

The High Atlas Mountain is famous for many activities including Hiking & Trekking, so if you are hiking lover, The High Atlas Mountains is great spot where you can try these activities with superb hiking and trekking options. Popular hiking routes include the ascent of Mount Toubkal, the country’s highest peak, as well as the breathtaking and Tizi n’Tichka passes which rises to 2260 meters high.


 Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah:

Ait Ben Haddou is a well-known fortified village situated nearby the city of Ouarzazate, Morocco, nestled in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. Its a well – renowned kasbah, and traditional Moroccan fortress, has led to its frequent reference as Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah.

The Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah has come to be known across the world as a favorite setting for filming movies and television series and enjoys the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its distinctive design, which includes mud-brick buildings, and its favorable location on a hill are what attract tourists. Furthermore,  One may get a taste of Morocco’s rich cultural legacy by visiting the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. An immersive experience may be had by wandering the little streets, perusing the neighborhood attractions, and taking in the fine architectural sites that Ait Ben Haddou has to offer. Particularly stunning panoramas, with fascinating vistas of the surrounding desert lands and terrains, can be seen from the top of the kasbah.

The history of Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah spans several centuries and has a strong connection to Morocco’s rich cultural heritage. It is believed that the kasbah was founded in the 17th century, however precise dates are difficult to determine. Ben Haddou first constructed the kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou to serve as a barrier between his tribes and his family and the enemy at the time. The kasbah is now a popular destination for tourists and filmmakers from all over the world. In Addition, The kasbah was deliberately built in Morocco’s Ouarzazate Province, in a site that had natural defensive benefits. Its high location gave a vantage point for seeing the surrounding lands, and its reinforced walls protected the locals against attacks and invasions. Additionally, Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah was a major trading center on the historic caravan route between the desert of the Sahara and Marrakech, acting as an important point for the interchange of goods and ideas. The kasbah flourished economically and culturally as a result, drawing merchants, visitors, and nomadic tribes traveling through the desert regions.

The Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah may get filled with visitors due to its popularity, especially during the busiest travel times. It is still a must-visit location for anybody interested in Moroccan history, architecture, or culture. While some families continue to live inside the kasbah, it is important to note that many have moved to the next modern population of Ait Ben Haddou.

Film Studio Ouarzazate:

Ouarzazate, Morocco’s film studio capital, has gained the nickname of “The Hollywood of Africa.” The Atlas Studios, commonly known as the Ouarzazate Studios, are the most well-known film studios in Ouarzazate. obviously, The film studios in Ouarzazate have made important contributions to the town’s economy and tourism sector. Visitors to the studios may take guided tours, learning about the behind the scenes aspects of filmmaking and seeing the magnificent sets and decorations used in various movies. To meet the demands of the film industry and visiting staff members, the studios have also encouraged the construction of supporting infrastructure such as hotels, restaurants, and production services.

The desert and surrounding Atlas Mountains, as well as the distinctive natural sceneries that surround Ouarzazate, give it a great site for a variety of projects. The studios have served as the setting for a number of critically renowned films and television shows, including “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Gladiator,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “Game of Thrones,” and many others. On the top of that, Atlas Studios, the country’s major film studios, have been in function and action since the early 1980s. The studios are spread out across a large area, with many sound stages, outdoor sets, and production facilities. They have drawn both foreign and domestic filmmakers by providing a handy and scenic setting for filming movies, TV shows, and advertisements.

In Ouarzazate’s film studios, notably the Atlas Studios, you’ll discover a variety of structures and buildings dedicated to aiding the film production process. Here are some of the important elements you might expect to find

– Outdoor Sets: The huge outdoor set spaces of the Ouarzazate studios are a feature. These outdoor sets are made to seem like various landscapes and architectural types, such as ancient cities, desert villages, and castles. They allow filmmakers to shoot a range of sequences without having to go to several places.

– Backlots: The studios include large backlots, which are open-air spaces utilized for temporary set construction and outdoor filming. These locations may be altered to seem like diverse surroundings, such as streets, marketplaces, and rural landscapes, giving a varied backdrop for a variety of films.


 Taourirt Kasbah:

Taourirt Kasbah is a medieval stronghold in the Moroccan city of Ouarzazate. It is a popular tourist destination and an important example of traditional Moroccan architecture and cultural heritage. The Kasbah was deliberately built at the crossroads of historic commercial routes, giving the Glaoui family influence over commerce and securing their position. The strong clay walls, lofty towers, and restricted pathways of the kasbah reflect the defensive necessities of the time.

Taourirt Kasbah has also garnered popularity in the film industry, with scenes from movies and television series shot within its walls. Its unusual environment and well-preserved features have helped it become a famous filming site, adding to its fame and attracting people from all over the world.

The inside of the kasbah is a maze of interconnecting chambers, courtyards, and passages. It exemplifies Moroccan architecture’s meticulous craftsmanship, with decorative decoration, carved hardwood ceilings, and traditional zellige tilework. Living living spaces, reception halls, storage areas, and a private hammam (bathhouse) were among the rooms that served varied functions.

Todra Gorges:

The Todra Gorges, often spelled Todgha Gorges, are a collection of breathtakingly beautiful narrow gorges located in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. They are a well-liked tourist site and a national natural marvel. These stunning canyons are around 300 meters high. The limestone that makes up the Todgra walls was carved by the Todrgha river a thousand years ago. These amazing gorges are now often visited by tourists from all over the world.

Visitors may walk through the gorges’ narrowest parts, which are just 10 meters (33 feet) wide, to see their incredible beauty and majesty. Awe-inspiring scenery is shown by the rocky terrain, red rock formations, and the river that runs through the canyon. In addition to being well-known for their stunning scenery, the Todra Gorges are a well-liked spot for hiking and rock climbing. Climbers from all over the world travel to the difficult cliffs of the gorges to test their skills.

In general, the Todra Gorges are a must-see location in Morocco for nature lovers, thrill seekers, and those hoping to take in the breathtaking splendor of the Atlas Mountains.

Merzouga Sahara Desert :

The Sahara Desert of Merzouga, is one of the world’s best deserts, covering a large part of Morocco’s southeast. Visitors from all over the world can take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the grandeur and magnificence of the desert scenery in the Merzouga region. The Sahara Desert’s fascianting camel ride activity is one of the most well-liked activities in Merzouga. Visitors may experience the stunning landscape and peacefulness of the desert by riding camels over the golden dunes on guided camel trips. These treks often involve spending one or more nights in typical desert camp, where they may take in the breathtaking sunset and sunrise views and sample local cuisine and music. In addition to camel ride,  Visitors to Merzouga can engage in various activities like, excursions in 4×4, you may travel more quickly through the desert while stopping at adjacent oasis, villages, and scenic vantage points. Another exhilarating alternative for thrill-seekers is sandboarding, which involves sliding down the dunes on a board.

Experiences at Merzouga are deeply rooted in the indigenous Berber culture. The friendly Berber people welcome visitors, who can talk with them, learn about their customs, and take in performances of their dance and music.



Rissani’s Traditional Souks :

Rissani has centuries-long history as a center of trade city. It served as a key stop on the trade routes that crossed the Sahara to link North Africa with sub-Saharan Africa. The town’s advantageous position made it possible to trade items like salt, gold, spices, and other goods, as well as other commodities. Rissani with its colorful Berber kiosks, enticing spices, and the bustle of haggling, the market is a lively and busy place. It offers a chance to become fully immersed in the community’s culture, see long-standing trade customs, and visit parts of the Souks whic sells different products and commodities.

Being close to the Sahara Desert, Rissani is a fantastic starting place for desert activities including camel treks and trips to the neighboring Merzouga sand dunes. In addition to providing a chance to experience the bustling ambiance of a traditional market town, visiting Rissani provides a great chance to get immersed into Morocco’s history of trade.



Draa Valley :

The Draa Valley, situated in southeastern Morocco, is famed for its gorgeous vistas, lush palm groves, and traditional Berber communities. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful valleys in the country and is a popular tourist destination for those seeking natural beauty as well as cultural experiences. The Draa Valley extends for around 200 kilometers from the High Atlas Mountains in the north to the desert town of M’Hamid El Ghizlane in the south. The Draa River, Morocco’s longest river, runs through the valley, bringing life to the verdant oasis and forming an oasis of green among the harsh desert surrounds.

Tourists visiting the Draa Valley may tour the lovely towns, see old kasbahs (fortresses), and relax in the oasis. The region is also an entrance to the Sahara Desert, and many visitors choose the Draa Valley as a starting point for desert excursions and camel trekking activities. Moreover, Hiking, visiting the palm groves, finding local crafts and markets, and experiencing traditional Berber hospitality are all popular activities in the Draa Valley. The valley provides a one-of-a-kind combination of natural beauty, cultural history, and desert adventures, making it an outstanding destination for Moroccan visitors.


Cedar Forest :

if you take a tour from Marrakech ending in Fes with Morocco Tours Company’s experts guide, you will get the chance to visit, Morocco’s largest forest, The Cedar Forest, which  is largely located in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains, encompassing various locations including Azrou, Ifrane, and Midelt. It stretches throughout the Atlas Mountains and is part of the greater Mediterranean cedar woods. Furthermore,  Atlas Cedar Trees: The dense population of Atlas Cedar trees, recognized for their towering height, wide spreading branches, and scented wood, distinguishes the woodland. These evergreen trees may reach heights of up to 40 meters and live for hundreds of years.

The Cedar Forest, is a great destination where you can enjoy the most enchanting sceneries. The Cedar Forest in the Middle Atlas Mountains provides a tranquil and lovely setting, highlighting the magnificence of the Atlas Cedar trees and providing a look into Morocco’s natural and cultural history. 


Zagora desert :

By choosing one of our Marrakech tour packages, you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to visit either the Sahara desert in Zagora or Merzouga. Both locations promise an exhilarating desert adventure, allowing you to experience the desert’s beauty while spending an unforgettable night amidst its enchanting landscapes. Zagora is a popular destination for tourists touring southern Morocco since it provides a combination of natural beauty, cultural legacy, and a gateway to the Sahara Desert.

Zagora offers cultural experiences with its traditional music, dance, and handicrafts in addition to its natural beauty. Travelers may discover traditional handicrafts including carpets, ceramics, and leatherwork at the town’s bustling local market. additionally, the Sahara desert of Zagora, is an outstanding desert city where you can experience different activities including; Buggy ride, Quad ride and camel ride. In addition to Overnights in the middle of the desert with drum party. 

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